Replacement HISENSE TV Remote Control EN-2B27, EN2B27.

Number on Remote Control:  EN-2B27, also known as EN2B27 and 178581. 

Suitable for HISENSE Models: 40K321UW, 50K321UW, 55K321UW, 58K321UW, 58K322UW, 65K321UW, 58K700UWD, 65K700UWD, 75K700UWD, 55K720UW, 65K720UW, 32K3110W, 40K3110PW, 43K3110PW, 50K3110PW, 55K3110PW, 65K3110PW, 40K3300UW, 50K3300UW, 55K3300UW, 65K3300UW, 50M7000UW, 55M7000UW, 65M7000UW, 70M7000UW, 75M7000UWD, 40K321UWT, 50K321UWT, 55K321UWT, 58K321UWT, 65K321UW, 58K322UW, 58K700UWD, 65K700UWD, 75K700UWD, 55K720UWG, 65K720UWG, 32K3110W, 40K3110PW, 50K3110PW, 55K3110PW, 40K3300UW, 50K3300UW, 55K3300UW, 65K3300UW, 50M7000UWG, 55M7000UWG, 65M7000UWG, 70M7000UWG, 75M7000UWG, 32N4, 39N4, 50N4, 55N4 , 55N5, 58N5, 65N5, 75N5, 43N6, 50N6, 55N6, 65N6, 32P4, 39P4, 49P4, 55P4, 58P5, 65P5, 75P5, 43P6, 50P6, 55P6, 65P6, 32R4, 49R4, 40R4, 50R5, 55R5, 58R5, 65R5, 43R6, 50R6, 55R6, 65R6, 75R6

The HISENSE model number is usually on the back of your HISENSE product, or on the front of your user manual.

This remote control is a replacement remote control for HISENSE EN-2B27 remote controls, it has all the major buttons and functions of the original HISENSE remote control EN-2B27.

No programming required, just add new batteries and the replacement remote control will operate your HISENSE TV.

Please check the button layout to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

*Requires 2 x AAA Batteries*



SKU EN2B27-MFU1159
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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