N2QAYB000494 Genuine Original PANASONIC TV Remote Control = NOW USE N2QAYB000604

Number on Remote Control:  N2QAYB000604 = now replaces N2QAYB000494, also known as NPN2QAYB000494.

Suitable for PANASONIC Models:  THL22X20A, THL22X25A, THL32D20A, THL32U20A, THL32X20A, THL32X25A, THL37U20A, THL42D20A, THL42U20A, THL42U20Z, THP42S20A, THP42U20A, THP42X20A, THP46U20A, THP50S20A, THP50U20A, THP50X20A, THP54S20A, THP58S20A, THP65S20A, TH-L22X20A, TH-L22X25A, TH-L32D20A, TH-L32U20A, TH-L32X20A, TH-L32X25A, TH-L37U20A, TH-L42D20A, TH-L42U20A, THL-42U20Z, TH-P42S20A, TH-P42U20A, TH-P42X20A, TH-P46U20A, TH-P50S20A, TH-P50U20A, TH-P50X20A, TH-P54S20A, TH-P58S20A, TH-P65S20A.

The PANASONIC model number is usually on the back of your PANASONIC product, or on the front of your user manual.

This Remote Control is a Genuine Original Remote Control from PANASONIC.

*PLEASE NOTE: The N2QAYB000494 (1st photo) is no longer available and is now replaced by N2QAYB000604 (3rd photo)

*Requires 2 x AA Batteries*


Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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