RMF-TX310P Genuine Original SONY LED 4K Ultra HDR Android TV Voice Remote Control RMFTX310P NOW USE RMF-TX220P.

Number on Remote Control:  RMF-TX310P, also known as RMFTX310P, 1-493-456-11, 149345611 and RMF-TX220P.

Suitable for SONY Models:  FWD-55X75F, FWD-65X75F, FWD-65X80G, KD-43X7500F, KD-43X8000G, KD-49X7500F, KD-49X8000G, KD-55A8F, KD-55A8G, KD-55A9F, KD-55X7500F, KD-55X8000G, KD-55X8500F, KD-55X9000F, KD-60X8300F, KD-65A8F, KD-65A8G, KD-65A9F, KD-65X7500F, KD-65X8000G, KD-65X8500F, KD-65X9000F, KD-70X8300F, KD-75X7800F, KD-75X8000G, KD-75X8500F, KD-75X9000F, KD-75Z9F, KD-85X8500F, FWD55X75F, FWD65X75F, FWD65X80G, KD43X7500F, KD43X8000G, KD49X7500F, KD49X8000G, KD55A8F, KD55A8G, KD55A9F, KD55X7500F, KD55X8000G, KD55X8500F, KD55X9000F, KD60X8300F, KD65A8F, KD65A8G, KD65A9F, KD65X7500F, KD65X8000G, KD65X8500F, KD65X9000F, KD70X8300F, KD75X7800F, KD75X8000G, KD75X8500F, KD75X9000F, KD75Z9F, KD85X8500F, A8F Series, A8G Series, X75F Series, X80G Series, X7500F Series, X8000G Series, X8300F Series, X8500F Series, X9000F Series, Z9F Series.

The SONY model number is usually on the back of your SONY product, or on the front of your user manual.

This remote control is an Genuine Original Remote Control from SONY, it is the same as the remote control supplied with your genuine original SONY product.

*Requires 2 x AAA Batteries*

Please note that this genuine original SONY RMF-TX310P remote control will need to be paired (registered) to your SONY TV and connected to your Internet you if want to use the voice / microphone functions.

The remote must be registered to your SONY TV to use the micophone function.

The remote must be connected to your Interent (Wi-Fi) to use the Voice function.

Please note that SONY are currently out of stock of the genuine original RMF-TX310P remote control and that we are currently supplying the genuine original SONY RMF-TX220P as a substitute.

The genuine original SONY RMF-TX310P (first picture) and RMF-TX220P (third picture) remote controls are exactly the same remote control.



Brand SONY
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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