AKB75375501 Compatible for LG Smart TV Magic Voice Remote Control AN-MR18BA

Number on Remote Control:  AKB75855501, which replaces these part numbers AKB75075301, AKB75075317, AKB75375501, AKB75455301, AKB75635301 and AKB75635305.

This Compatible for LG Smart TV Magic Voice Remote Control MR20GA (AKB75855501) not only replaces MR20GA (AKB75855501) but also replaces all these Genuine Original LG remote controls ANMR18BA, ANMR19BA, ANMR650A, AN-MR18BA, AN-MR19BA, AN-MR650A that are now longer available from LG.

Suitable for LG Models: 43UK6400PVC, 43UK6540PTD, 43UK6700PVD, 49SK8500PVA, 49UK6400PVC, 49UK7500PVA, 49UK7550PTA, 50UK6540PTD, 50UK6700PVD, 55SK8000PTA, 55SK8500PTA, 55SK8500PVA, 55UK6400PVC, 55UK6540PTD, 55UK6700PVD, 55UK7500PVA, 55UK7550PTA, 65SK8000PTA, 65SK8500PTA, 65SK8500PVA, 65SK9500PTA, 65SK9500PVA, 65UK6340PTF, 65UK6400PVC, 65UK6540PTD, 65UK6700PVD, 65UK7500PVA, 65UK7550PTA, 70UK6540PTA, 75SK8000PTA, 75UK6500PTB, 86UK6500PTB, 43UK6400PVC-AAU, 43UK6540PTD-AAU, 43UK6700PVD-AAU, 49SK8500PVA-AAU, 49UK6400PVC-AAU, 49UK7500PVA-AAU, 49UK7550PTA-AAU, 50UK6540PTD-AAU, 50UK6700PVD-AAU, 55SK8000PTA-AAU, 55SK8500PTA-AAU, 55SK8500PVA-AAU, 55UK6400PVC-AAU, 55UK6540PTD-AAU, 55UK6700PVD-AAU, 55UK7500PVA-AAU, 55UK7550PTA-AAU, 65SK8000PTA-AAU, 65SK8500PTA-AAU, 65SK8500PVA-AAU, 65SK9500PTA-AAU, 65SK9500PVA-AAU, 65UK6340PTF-AAU, 65UK6400PVC-AAU, 65UK6540PTD-AAU, 65UK6700PVD-AAU, 65UK7500PVA-AAU, 65UK7550PTA-AAU, 70UK6540PTA-AAU, 75SK8000PTA-AAU, 75UK6500PTB-AAU, 86UK6500PTB-AAU, 43UK6400PVC-ANR, 43UK6540PTD-ANR, 43UK6700PVD-ANR, 49SK8500PVA-ANR, 49UK6400PVC-ANR, 49UK7500PVA-ANR, 49UK7550PTA-ANR, 50UK6540PTD-ANR, 50UK6700PVD-ANR, 55SK8000PTA-ANR, 55SK8500PTA-ANR, 55SK8500PVA-ANR, 55UK6400PVC-ANR, 55UK6540PTD-ANR, 55UK6700PVD-ANR, 55UK7500PVA-ANR, 55UK7550PTA-ANR, 65SK8000PTA-ANR, 65SK8500PTA-ANR, 65SK8500PVA-ANR, 65SK9500PTA-ANR, 65SK9500PVA-ANR, 65UK6400PVC-ANR, 65UK6540PTD-ANR, 65UK6700PVD-ANR, 65UK7500PVA-ANR, 65UK7550PTA-ANR, 70UK6540PTA-ANR, 75SK8000PTA-ANR, 75UK6500PTB-ANR, 86UK6500PTB-ANR

The LG model number is usually on the back of your LG product, or on the front of your user manual.

This Compatible Remote Control is 100% full function and will work the same as the old Genuine Original Remote Control from LG.

*Requires 2 x AA Batteries*

This brand new Compatible Magic Voice Remote Control is also compatible and the new upgraded version for the below LG Magic Remote Controls that are now no longer available from LG.

AKB75075301 (AN-MR650A), AKB75075317 (AN-MR650A), AKB75375501 (AN-MR18BA), AKB75455301 (AN-MR18BA), AKB75635301 (AN-MR19BA) and AKB75635305 (AN-MR19BA).


SKU COMP-AKB75855501-AKB75375
Brand Kon.El.Co S.p.A Italy
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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