Genuine Original SAMSUNG TV Remote Control BN59-00901A, BN5900901A now substituted to BN59-00874A

Number on Remote Control:  BN59-00874A, also known as BN5900901A and BN59-00901A.

Suitable for SONY Models:  LA22B450, LA22C450, LA26B450, LA26B457, LA32B450, LA32B457, LA32B550, LA37B450, LA37B457, LA40B457, LA40B550, LA46B550, LA22B450C4H, LA22C450E1H, LA26B450C4H, LA26B457C6H, LA32B450C4H, LA32B457C6H, LA32B550K1H, LA37B450C4H, LA37B457C6H, LA40B457C6H, LA40B550K1H, LA46B550K1H, LA22B450C4HXRD, LA22B450C4HXXY, LA22C450E1HXXY, LA26B450C4HXRD, LA26B450C4HXXY, LA26B457C6HXRD, LA26B457C6HXXY, LA32B450C4HXRD, LA32B450C4HXXYLA32B457C6HXXY, LA32B550K1HXXY, LA37B450C4HXXY, LA37B457C6HXRD, LA40B457C6HXRD, LA40B457C6HXXY, LA40B550K1HXXY, LA46B550K1HXXY, LA22B450C4H-XRD, LA22B450C4H-XXY, LA22C450E1H-XXY, LA26B450C4H-XRD, LA26B450C4H-XXY, LA26B457C6H-XRD, LA26B457C6H-XXY, LA32B450C4H-XRD, LA32B450C4H-XXY, LA32B457C6H-XXY, LA32B550K1H-XXY, LA37B450C4H-XXY, LA37B457C6H-XRD, LA40B457C6H-XRD, LA40B457C6H-XXY, LA40B550K1H-XXY, LA46B550K1H-XXY

The SAMSUNG model number is usually on the back of your SAMSUNG product, or on the front of your user manual.

This remote control is an Genuine Original Remote Control from SAMSUNG, it is the same as the remote control supplied with your genuine original SAMSUNG product.

*Requires 2 x AAA Batteries*

Please note that the genuine original SAMSUNG BN59-00901A remote control (first picture) is no longer available from SAMSUNG and that we are now supplying the genuine original SAMSUNG BN59-00874A remote control (third picture) as a substitute.

The genuine original SAMSUNG BN59-00874A remote control has all the same buttons and functions of the BN59-00901A, except it is missing the "ALARM, FAV.CH, GUIDE and SUBT." functions.

If the "ALARM, FAV.CH, GUIDE or SUBT." functiopns are important to you please do not purchase, the BN59-00874A remote control doe not have them.


Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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