Original Panasonic Air Conditioner Remote Control CWA75C2317.

Number on Remote Control:  A75C2317, also known as CWA75C2317, this remote also replaces A75C556, CWA75C556 which is no longer available from PANASONIC

Suitable for Panasonic Models:  CS970KR, CS1270KR, CS1770KR, CS2470KR, CSA28BKP5, CSA70KE, CSA90KE, CSA120KE, CSA181KR, CSA182KR, CSA241KR, CSA281KR, CU970KR, CU1270KR, CU1770KR, CU2470KR, CUA28BKP5, CUA70KE, CUA90KE, CUA120KE, CUA181KR, CUA182KR, CUA241KR, CUA281KR, CS-970KR, CS-1270KR, CS-1770KR, CS-2470KR, CS-A28BKP5, CS-A70KE, CS-A90KE, CS-A120KE, CS-A181KR, CS-182KR, CS-A241KR, CS-A281KR, CU-970KR, CU-1270KR, CU-1770KR, CU-2470KR, CU-A28BKP5, CU-A70KE, CU-A90KE, CU-A120KE, CU-A181KR, CU-A182KR, CU-A241KR, CU-A281KR.

The Panasonic model number is usually on the Panasonic Air Conditioner, or on the front of your user manual.  There is also a remote number on the back of your old Panasonic Remote.

This Remote Control is an Original Remote Control from Panasonic.

Supplied with Wall Mounting Bracket

*Requires 2 x AAA Batteries*


Shipping Weight 0.3000kg

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